Alfred F. DeCotis



Yearbook Saying

Middletown  . . .  
St. Francis-Maine  . . .
likes writing and basketball  . . .
hates fags and swabies with gaudy clothes  . . . pie-eating champ  . . .  "Dat's Me" editor  . . .
remembers lunchtime in the smoking area  . . .
enjoys sports and art  . . .  "Who gives a #%*$!". 

Senior Superlatives: "Class Non-Conformist"

Activities:  Baseball


Current Info

Fred  and his wife live in the Cranston area where they have raised two children.  Fred and Sharon run their own printing business and Fred loves playing golf in his spare time.  He has stayed in touch with several DLS grads over the years.

Left: Sharon and Fred celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary on a cruise to Hawaii in February 2006.




Left:  Picture of Fred taken at BBQ for Tim Sullivan held
at Bill Winthrop's house on July 5, 2011 

Biography - August 2006

Dear Classmates,

Thanks for checking up on me.  I hope you're doing well. Here are some notes on what I've been up to since we graduated from De La Salle ...

I did indeed head off to St. Francis in Maine in fall of '71, as stated in my senior bio. My first college experience turned out to be about as much fun as getting your nuts caught in your zipper. I did make the baseball team, played some, and left right after the last game but before final exams. 

After that, I ended up joining the Marine Corps in fall of 1972 where I got lucky and wound up the sports editor for the weekly base newspaper in a place called Twenty Nine Palms, California, right down the road from Death Valley.

After my discharge I went back to school at the University of Hartford, enrolling first in art school with the intention of becoming an illustrator or graphic artist, but switched to business school with the idea that I would try to get into the field of advertising or public relations. 

I had a great time at U of H, met a lot of great people, and almost got elected student body president, despite the fact that my only campus activities consisted of intramural sports and some other stuff not covered in the syllabus. But the best thing that happened to me there was meeting Sharon, who is now my wife.

For no particular reason, Sharon and I headed to Boston in the fall of 1980 and set up housekeeping in a four-story brownstone in the Back Bay and we got married in February 1981.   Our son Daniel came along in December of 1982. 

We bought a house in Boston's Hyde Park section in 1984 and our daughter Lisa joined the family in 1985.  Realizing that our son would either have to attend private school (didn't have the money for that), or start off in the Boston public schools (didn't have the money for the karate lessons either), we sold the house and moved to a new subdivision in Cranston in 1986, and still live in the same house today, three additions later.

Professionally, after I worked for two companies as a printing salesman, Sharon and I started Independent Graphics Company in 1990 and we are still operating it today at our office in Cranston.  We design and produce all manner of printed items for businesses, including items such as brochures, forms, envelopes, stationery, and promotional items such as mugs, pens, shirts, golf items, etc.

Family-wise, Sharon and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary this past February, and are now "empty nesters".  It's just us and our pal "Shamrock", the world's best dog. 

Our son Dan was a class officer and made all-division as captain of the Cranston West football team. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University and will be graduating from Northeastern University law school this spring. 

Our daughter Lisa was also captain and all-division volleyball player at Cranston West and is a Dean's List student at Emerson College in Boston, where she will graduate with her degree in Entertainment Marketing this winter. For those of you who know my parents, my dad passed away in 1995, but my mom still lives in the house on Kay Boulevard (right behind Doc).

Sharon and I bought a vacation place in Fort Myers, Florida where we spend a little time now and hope to spend a lot of time in the future playing golf, catching some rays, and watching the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico at the Blowfish Bar on Fort Myers Beach. 

You can check it out at listing #69852. I have to say I've lived a full and, to me, interesting life.  I've been to hundreds of places and met thousands of people, but I still live in Rhode Island and remember you all, some of you fondly.

We had a good time at the 35th reunion, but we can have a better time in 2011 if some of you guys who have never come will show up. Most importantly of all, I want to thank Larry Gomes for getting so involved in all this reunion stuff and creating this website, which can be the catalyst for us to keep in touch from here on in.


Fred DeCotis

Fred and his daughter Lisa a Dodger Stadium in the Spring of 2003.

Fred and Sharon with their son Daniel at his Boston University graduation in 2004.

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VRBO Listing #69852 - Fred and Sharon's Golf Condo in Ft. Myers, Florida




De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971