John S. DiSano



Yearbook Saying

Warren  . . .  
Wentworth College - Aeronautical Engineering  . . .  
likes a three day school week  . . .  
hates summer school  . . .  
enjoys hunting and skiing  . . .  
"Foo"  . . .  owns a 650cc Harley  . . .  
"I don't want to hear about it."  . . .  
"I'll take twee."

Nickname:  "Foo"

Senior Superlatives: "Most Interesting"


John and his antique 1973 Norton motorcycle

Current Info

John lives in West Warwick and works for the Providence School System as a computer network specialist.  He loves riding his Harley (V-Rod) and also maintains an old Norton motorcycle.



Biography - July 2006

Dear Classmates,

After graduating from De La Salle, I headed off to Wentworth college in Boston majoring in Aircraft Technology . I learned my first lesson before I even attended my first class. 

My dorm was close to Roxbury, which had a decent sandwich shop close by. The first day of orientation was a hectic one that left me no time for a meal. Around 10:00pm I decided to walk into Roxbury with the intention of devouring a large Italian grinder. Being the only white person in line made me uncomfortable and finally the light dawned on me that I should get out of there quick.

Before I got out, I was hit with a shoulder to my chest. Luckily I made it through the door into the street and with the pace of a track star, got back to the dorm alive, but still hungry. 

In December I received my induction papers from Uncle Sam. At that time, Selective Service was using a lottery system to pick inductees.  I got an unlucky number 7 and that meant it was a virtual certainty that I was a candidate for military duty.  I was able to finish my first year at Wentworth and on June 14, 1972, I entered basic training with the U.S. Army. After two months of basic, I was shipped to an army airfield in Heidelberg, Germany.

My job was working with jet fuel; transporting it, taking fuel samples for testing and overall handling of it. Jet fuel is colored to keep it from being mixed with other type of aircraft fuels. I knew one fact for sure; I was no soldier and I couldn't wait to get out. But on leave, I did get to travel around Europe and skiing in the Alps was a definite plus.

I was finally released on June 23, 1974, after two gruesome years. I immediately took advantage of the G.I. Bill, which paid my full tuition for the next four years of college. After attending three different colleges and not really knowing what I wanted to major in, I finally received a degree in electronics. This degree got me hired at Raytheon in Portsmouth, RI. My job was testing pieces of sonar with computers and diagnosing the cause of problems when something failed. 

Unfortunately, government contracts took a downturn and I was one of 1,000 people at Raytheon that were handed pink slips. Being unemployed for about a year prodded me to study computers and I received an Associates Degree in Computer Science a few years later. 

Computer networking also interested me, so I took some computer courses at networking specialist school in Massachusetts. My first job interview after attending networking school was with the Providence School Department. They hired me as their network specialist and I plan to retire from there in another seven years.

I was never married but I do have a girlfriend named Laurie and our cat Smokey. Laurie has 2 children and at times 3 (me)!  My hobbies are making homemade wine, (white and red), kayaking, restoring antique motorcycles and I also like playing tennis. 

Larry and Bart, God bless your work ethic doing this web site. I am sure the entire class will greatly appreciate it. Best of luck to every classmate of 1971.


John DiSano

John and his girlfriend Laurie at the BBQ for Mike Crandall held on August 4, 2006.


Close up shot of John's 1973 750 Norton Commando


View from John's land in Waterville Valley, NH.  For now John has built a deck, in the future his retirement house will be built here.


John enjoying a brew on his deck in NH.



John's girlfriend Laurie enjoying the view.

Left:  Larry Gomes and John enjoying the view at the Inn at Castle Hill on August 4, 2006.



De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971