Thomas H. Magnan




Yearbook Saying

Newport  . . .  "get off my scooter!"
French scholar    . . .  
"let's go to the Emerald Pub!"
"Mag's a fool."  . . .  football

Nickname: "Mag"





Josie, Sam, Meg and Tom

Current Info

Tom lives with his wife Meg in Decatur, IN where they have raised two children.   Tom is the administrator of a residential care facility.


Biography - July 2007

Dear Classmates,            

After graduating from De La Salle in 1971, I briefly attended Rhode Island Junior College.  After one semester, I decided to resume my full-time job at Almacís.  The company had offered me an apprentice meat cutterís position, which required that I travel to various stores for on-the-job training.  

I quickly tired of this, and left to work at the Newport Recreation Department for 4 years.  In the winter, I worked at ďThe HutĒ, supervising the basketball program, and trying to keep the often volatile leagues under control.  In the summer, I worked at Eastonís Beach as the Assistant Beach Manager, where I had various duties.  Perhaps my most important job was to test the beer taps at Deanís Greens on a daily basis, to insure that the beverage being served was suitable for public consumption.  It was a rotten job, but someone had to do it.

In 1976, I decided to get serious about life and entered Rhode Island College, where I earned a degree in Psychology in 1980.  During the summers of my last two years of college, I worked as a counselor at Camp Allen, a special needs camp in Bedford, NH.  This proved to be a profound experience, and I have stayed in the human service field since that time.  This career has also been meaningful to me because I had started to lose my vision due to a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, or RP for short.

After college, I moved to Boston, both for increased job opportunities, and to be closer to the Red Sox.  There I worked for a nursing home corporation as a Recreational Therapist, and as a Volunteer Coordinator.  I also met my wife, Meg, who had a wonderful 3 year old daughter named Josie, who this year graduated from Harvard.  Meg and I had Sam in 1990, and he is now 16.  Sam proved to be another challenge in life as he developed autism, and has struggled to cope with this rather debilitating neurological condition.  I am happy to report that Sam is doing great, and has a love of basketball and the Red Sox.

In 1993, we moved to Decatur, IN, where Meg was born and raised.  I am now the Administrator of Golden Meadows Home, a 36 bed Residential Care Facility.  It is a challenging and demanding job, and I love every minute of it, well, almost every minute.  Although I still have a considerable amount of visual loss, I am able to do my job, and enjoy life, quite well. 

My eventual goal upon retirement is to move to Carrabelle, Florida, where we own property, right up the road from Tim Sullivan.  Tim and I have remained close friends throughout our lives, despite the fact that we have not lived in the same place since we were 20 years old.  I also keep in touch with Grif, Doc, and Fred DeCotis, and manage to get together with them whenever I visit Newport.


Tom Magnan

Left:  Picture of Tom and his wife-to-be Meg taken at the  DLS 20th Reunion in August 1991.



De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971