Bruce L. Shrake



Yearbook Saying

Portsmouth  . . .  travel-college  . . .  
likes 36-24-36  . . .  hates heavy drinkers  . . .
but a little beer never hurt anybody  . . .
good distance runner  . . .  
Student Council  . . .
Sr. Virginia's pet  . . .   
"If you live life to it's fullest, 
you will never die."

Activities: Cross Country, Indoor Track, 
Outdoor Track, National Honor Society, Student Council Treasurer, Chess Club, Math Club




Scott, Bruce, Janet and Brian on Vacation in Hawaii

Current Info

Bruce and his wife Janet live in Ingleside, IL (near Chicago) where they have raised 2 boys.  Bruce became a Civil Engineer and is now part owner of an engineering firm.


Biography - July 2007

Dear Classmates,

Prior to my graduation from De La Salle, I had been convinced by my parents to go to college and get an engineering degree.  This was based upon their observation that I enjoyed building stuff.  So I went to URI on the 4.5 year plan and got my degree in Civil Engineering.  

When I graduated, jobs were few and far between in New England and so I worked as a carpenter for six months then moved to Chicago.  When I moved, I had a motorcycle and $450.00 in my pocket.  My fiancée already had a job working as a nurse in a large hospital, so it made sense for me to try my luck out there.

After a couple of months, I found a job with a small engineering firm where I learned my profession from a very fine man who trusted me to tackle the difficult projects and make independent decisions.  I also got married in 1976 to my wife Janet Morasso.  Janet got her Masters in Nursing Degree while we lived in Chicago.  I became a Registered Professional Engineer in 1981.

My wife and I moved several times in Chicago and finally settled in Ingleside, IL.  In 1981, we moved into the house we currently live in.  My first son Brian was born in 1982 and my second son Scott was born in 1985.

I had opened a branch engineering office and became the company's first vice president when my boss and I had a disagreement on the direction of the company.  I left the firm in 1984 and was luck enough to become he City Engineer for the City of Des Plaines.  De Plaines is on the north border of O'Hare Airport and was a city of 55,000 people at the time.  

In 1985 and 1986, the City experienced the worst flooding in its history with hundreds of millions of dollars of property damages.  From that time on a majority of my effort was centered on developing plans and working with state and local government agencies to implement protection measures.  These plans are still being implemented today.

In 1988, I joined a small engineering consulting firm of about 12 people.  that year I also successfully obtained my Master Degree in Science of Management.  I became a 33% owner of the company in 1991. 

We adopted a slow-growth policy of adding one to two key individuals per year and keeping them.  We added different capabilities as we grew and now we have over 40 engineers and a total of 80 people working with us.

On the family side, my son Brian graduated from Bradley University with a degree in accounting and is living and working in Chicago.  My son Scott graduated as valedictorian of his high school and is currently attending the University of Pittsburg majoring in "changing his mind" about what course of study he wants to take.

My wife and I have had a good life living in Chicago.  We have made many friends and I have enjoyed the experience of living in one area for an extended time compared to moving as much as we did when I was a child.  HAVE A GREAT REUNION!


Bruce Shrake

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Gewalt Hamilton Associates - (Engineering firm that Bruce is part owner of)



De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971