A Tribute to the Final Days of De La Salle

From the last page of the  1971 DLS Yearbook:

The school year 1971-1972 will be the last for DLS.  As of June 15, 1972, De La Salle Academy will be no more.  

The physical plant will be taken back by the Diocese but the tradition and the memories which were and are so uniquely De La Salle's will remain in the minds and hearts of its alumni.  

Next year, the Senior class will publish its souvenir yearbook dedicated to De La Salle's alumni and offers this final book to all who want that one last memento of an institution that will never be forgotten.

Eulogy - A Poem by Bill Thompson

Your narrow halls, Your walls of stone.
A proud building defying time.

Spirit is hard to define.
But we had it.  And you had it.

But now - where are we?  Closing.
After all this time closing.  God help us.

And we're to old to cry.

We have yet to make our marks in this world.
You have help us along and your closing.

Who will remember you?
We will.  The heritage is gone.  The flower dead.

Goodbye, DLS and thank you.


De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971