We all remember our teachers during our high school years.  If you have any stories you would like to pass on, please send them along.  

Eventually this section of the website will feature pictures and stories about each faculty member.

Faculty in 1970-1971

bulletBrother Anthony Scotto - Principal (deceased)
bulletMrs. Alice B. Fitzgerald - Secretary, Typing
bulletBrother Bernard Barrett - Vice Principal, English, French
bulletMr. Phillip T. Tobin - English, Cross Country and Track Coach
bulletMr. Terry W. Aylesworth - Library?
bulletMr. James G. Gleason - History, Tennis Coach, Basketball Coach
bulletBrother Kenneth Owens - Biology, Bowling Team, Director of School Play
bulletBrother A. Lawrence - Mathematics and Athletic Director
bulletMr. Andy Lindh - History, Modern Novels, Golf Team Coach
bulletBrother Michael O'Neil - Science, Math, Bowling Team Coach
bulletBrother Michael O'Connell - Guidance, Reading
bulletDr. John G. Erhardt, Jr. - Chemistry and Biology
bulletJames E. Wilson - Physical Education
bulletBrother John Gill - French I, II & III
bulletMr. Richard Pavao - Math, Baseball Coach, Football Coach
bulletBrother Joseph Schafer - English, Math, Ran Bookstore
bulletBrother Thomas Carney - History, JV Baseball
bulletSister Virginia Kneeland - Math, Physics, Mechanical Drawing, St. Kays Glee Club
bulletMrs. Nancy Loher? - French, Spanish
bulletBrother Eugene Chapman - English, History, Track Coach, Basketball Coach
bulletMrs. Emily Heffernan - Librarian
bulletMr. Henry Bernard (Spike) Fleming - Physical Science and Math
bulletFather Behan - School Chaplan, Latin I & II
bulletMrs. Mally - Cafeteria
bulletMr. Pat Leonard - Custodian
bulletMr. Dan Regan - Grounds Keeper

Faculty from the Early Years (1968-1970):

bulletBrother John Andrew - Religion, History, Cross Country Coach
bulletBrother Stephen Kaiven - Religion I, II & III, Debating Club
bulletMr. Richard Hurley - Sociology, English (deceased)
bulletMrs. Paul Peterson - Cafeteria
bulletBrother Peter
bulletBrother John Riley
bulletMr. Hynes


De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971