Graduation Day



Editors Note:  Many thanks to Kevin Goodwin's Mother who preserved this article from the Newport Daily News since our graduation.

De La Salle Graduates 51; Bishop Is Not Represented

Sen. Claiborne Pell urged 51 graduates of De La Salle Academy to have a vision but especially to play a civic role and to vote, in his speech at the 45th graduation ceremony last night in the school’s auditorium.

He deplored that hundreds of young people had come to his office after Cambodia and told him how active they would be, but that only a few voted six months later.

Young people, he said earlier, are asking questions about the pollution of our environment and why it is allowed to continue “even here in our lovely Narragansett bay,” about national priorities, about the existence of poverty and hunger in a prosperous, affluent society, about the morality of participation in the war in Southeast Asia, the safety of automobiles, the adequacy of health care system, the fairness of tax laws.

Saying questions are being asked “about a selective service system that poses awful moral dilemmas for our young men,” he told the graduates he was a few minutes late for the start of the ceremony because he had been held up in Washington by the Senate vote on the continuation of the draft. He said the war must be brought to a halt.

Sen. Pell said it was a good thing such questions were being asked and that much of the question is based on moral and spiritual concerns. “I believe we are seeing in our country today, thanks to the young people, a resurgence of moral concerns and a growing disenchantment with the illusory goals of wealth, social status and power. The young men and women of today are asking, ‘How can I help make life better.’”

It was the next to the last graduation ceremony at De La Salle Academy. The school will be closed at the end of the next school year, and only seniors will attend next year. Pell said the graduation was a “sad occasion” that since boyhood he had seen the school in operation, “and now the school is leaving.” Neil Galvin, class salutatorian, said, “When we leave, we’ll be carrying on a tradition soon to be no more.” No other references to the closing were made.

It was believed to be the first graduation in the history of De La Salle Academy that the bishop or one of his representatives did not attend.

The De La Salle Glee Club, directed by Mrs. Alice Fitzgerald, sang “Men of De La Salle,” the national anthem, the theme from “Love Story,” the Negro spiritual “Jericho,” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” 

The rt. Rev. Msgr. John T. Shea gave the invocation. The valedictorian was Anthony J. WhiteBrother Joseph McGann, vice principal, presented the class and Brother Anthony Scotto, principal, presented diplomas and awards.

White received nine medals for honors. He received the Gold Medal for Christian Doctrine, for English, and for the highest average in his senior. 

Neil Galvin was next in merit for all three. White the Gold Medal for Biology, with Galvin and George Beaulieu next in merit. He received the Gold Medal for mathematics, for science and for general excellence, with Beaulieu next in merit for the three, and he received the Pell Medal for U. S. History.

The Gold Medal for French was awarded to Beaulieu with White next in merit.  The St. Germain Medal of Merit was awarded to George B. Coggeshall with Galvin next in merit. Galvin received the Gold Medal as outstanding athlete. 

The principal’s awards for loyalty and service went to Coggeshall and Galvin. Galvin received a grant for scholarship aid donated by the Knights of Columbus, General Rosecrans Assembly.

White received scholarship aid for mathematics and science, donated by the Court Newport, Catholic Daughters of America, and scholarship aid for excellence in Christian doctrine, donated by the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies Auxiliary.

Coggeshall received scholarship aid, donated by Joseph N. Behan in memory of Capt. Joseph N. Behan Jr. of the class of 1935. Graduates were: 

Bruce A. Allen,
George Noel Beaulieu III, 
Michael Joseph Behan Jr., 
Robert Anthony Bouffard, 
Lawrence Joseph Brouillette,
George Benjamin Coggeshall Jr., 
William J. Conheeny, 
Richard Dennis Costa, 
Michael Jay E. Crandall, 
Barry Stephen Crowley,
Alfred Francis DeCotis Jr., 
Salvatore Richard DePasquale, 
John Stephen DiSano, 
Dennis John Dougherty, 
Paul Brendan Edes, 
Neil Patrick Galvin, 
Lawrence Joseph Gomes, 
Kevin Patrick Goodwin, 
Robert Joseph Griffin Jr., 
Bartholomew Leo Grimes,
Peter Howard Hartmann, 
Gerald Michael Huppee,
Thomas Andrew Jemo, 
John Henry Johnson Jr.,
Stephen Francis Kelly, 
Andrew Anthony Kenny Jr., 
William F. Kluth,
William Lawrence Leahy Jr.,
John Thomas MacKinnon, 
Thomas Henry Magnan, 
Francis Xavier Martin Jr., 
Stephen Paul Massed, 
Michael K. McCarthy, 
Richard T. Morrison, 
Stephen Albert Mrozowski Jr.,
Lawrence O’Donnell, 
John O’Neil,
George Stephen Pascoe, Jr., 
Paul Michael Primiano,
Christopher James Quinn, 
Lawrence Donald Quinn,
James Raymond Ritchie,
James Edward Schuster, 
Bruce Leon Shrake, 
Joseph Paul Smith Jr., 
Timothy Francis Sullivan II,
Patrick Henry Walsh, 
Paul Frederick Watterson, 
Anthony Joseph White, 
William Anthony Winthrop Jr., 
and Walter Clint Wright Jr.

Beaulieu, Coggeshall, DePasquale, Galvin, Goodwin, Grimes, Shrake, Watterson and White are members of both the National and Rhode Island Honor Societies.

Bouffard, Crandall, Martin, and Morrison are members of the R. I. Honor Society.


De La Salle Academy, Newport RI                                                                                                       Class of 1971